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turtle hill (by yee_cassandra)

that moment when your tumblr is really personal, and then someone you know reads your deepest darkest thoughts.

Caz Reunion (by yee_cassandra)
Three (by yee_cassandra)
dat azn glo tho

The oddest things hurt me. They get stuck in my head and replay over and over. Unknown   (via bl-ossomed)

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Pig & Squirrel (by yee_cassandra)
The hours between 12am and 6am
have a funny habit of making you feel
like you’re either on top of the world,
or under it. Beau Taplin || the hours between. (via blurrymelancholy)

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Humans are the cancer of the Earth. Unknown (via allhopeisgon-e)

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I hope you’re happy you won.

Milky Way at Crater Lake, Oregon | by: {Shane Michael Black}


It’s weird to think that at one point in your life, certain people meant the world to you.  You would tell them everything and could talk about anything with them.  But it’s interesting how over time, they’re no longer relevant to your life anymore, and today you wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with them at all.  It’s important to realize when one era of a relationship has ended, and to move on, because it’s unhealthy to hold on to whatever “once was”.